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My Story

Hi and thank you for being here! My name is Brooke and I'm a Certified REBT Mindset Life Coach. I have been a helper for as long as I can remember and I find so much joy and fulfillment from doing so. So I genuinely look forward to helping you!

If you're into astrology and personality tests, I'm a triple water sign - scorpio (sun), cancer (moon), and pisces (rising). And I'm an enneagram 3 (The Achiever) followed by an enneagram 2 (The Giver)!

I currently live in New York City, but I'm originally from Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC. I have three sisters, and my incredible parents who made sure we lived in a house full of love, family gatherings, sports, birthday parties, Sunday dinners, block parties, music, delicious food, and tradition. 

I struggled in school for most of my life with test taking, prioritizing projects, retaining information, etc.. And to no surprise, I ended up needing extra assistance from both my mom and my teachers. I was also shy as a child, a people pleaser, and afraid to speak up for fear of getting the wrong answer or sounding "stupid." I quickly learned these things and ways about myself to be a fact because I had experienced them over and over again. And in turn, they created my thought patterns, my limiting beliefs, and my paradigm. What is a paradigm you ask? It's the set of beliefs, thoughts, and assumptions that create your habitual behavior and results in your life. These behaviors are learned consistently over a period of time and your paradigm is 'located' in your subconscious.* A paradigm shift is when you change how you think about something. We all have our own paradigm based off our own, specific life experience. You have your own paradigm, too. And even though my three sisters grew up in the same house as I did, they have a different paradigm than I do, as well as from each other.


My paradigm told me that I was shy, that I struggled in school, that I was a people pleaser, and that I would always need extra assistance from someone else and could not fully be successful on my own. But that's where I had it all wrong. I allowed the paradigm/assumptions to take over my thought patterns, causing my limiting beliefs, which halted me from applying myself in many ways.

Let me pause here.

Does this sound familiar to your life? What exactly in your life has led you to where you are now? What's stopping you from reaching your big goals and dreams?

Moving along...

I did all the things I was told to do all my life, which were: go to college, graduate, find a good job, get married, buy a house, have a baby, or two, or three, etc.. And as you know, life doesn't always go according to the specific plan you create. And that's okay!

So my "a-ha" moments happened in 2018-2020. Over the course of those years, I struggled with a job lay off, a career change, two miscarriages, two chronic medical diagnoses, major surgery, a divorce, and a toxic work environment. Then the pandemic hit as soon as I got my feet on the ground.


It was the most difficult season of my life thus far. And I had my down days with lots of tears, along with moments of frustration where I felt like I was losing my mind and on the verge of a breakdown. But I knew I had some choices to make in order to not fall into that negative mindset each day. I just needed to figure out a process on how to cope and ultimately, move forward. So I began seeing a therapist regularly in 2019, digging into all things personal development with a business & life coach in late 2020, and started to figure out life on my own, while also learning how to adjust my overall mindset.


So I realized this. The obstacles I faced + the help and solutions from others + the work I was doing on myself...all helped me understand why these circumstances were re-directing everything I thought I knew about life. I also realized that our lives are not defined by what happens to us, but how we respond to what happens.

Now as a Certified REBT Mindset Life Coach, my goal is to help YOU alter your limiting beliefs and thought patterns through mindset shifts. Remember, you deserve to live your most ideal, authentic, and fulfilled life in order to reclaim your power.

Repeat after me, "this is my life. I have ALL the power."


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